Clay – Our raw material

For thousands of years, the elements of fire, water, air, and earth have been used to produce a building material of incomparable usefulness and attractiveness.

Clay is a natural raw material and extracted locally with the greatest possible consideration for the environment and the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Subsequently, clay is processed, shaped and fired.

Production process, improvement & development

Wienerberger permanently optimises its reduction processes to minimise energy consumption and CO2 emissions. As a natural building material, clay products need not be elaborately and expensively disposed of. They can be reused in two different ways: on the one hand by means of recycling, which means that clay building materials are grounded and used in brick production, road construction, as tennis court surface or even as soil conditioners in agriculture. On the other hand, old bricks and tiles can be reused for new purposes.


Regardless whether for roof, façade, wall, terrace, public square or garden - clay building materials can be used in various ways and offer many advantages. They are robust, have a proven life-span of more than 100 years and preserve both their quality and value.

Clay building materials & advantages

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